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CD Varvara - Liszt

Unique and exceptional disc. Live recorded at the Philharmonie of Paris in September 2016 during the debut concert of Varvara in this important hall of the French capital. This was a recording intended for the historical archive of the room, but thanks to its artistic value, it has been possible to publicize the audience. Varvara plays the Sonata in B minor of Liszt, a masterpiece of the pianistic repertoire - and also one of the most difficult ones - along with the "Für Alina" by Arvo Pärt. Varvara offers us again an interpretation full of light and musicality.

* Sending the CD by postal mail imposes an extra cost.
- Spain                            3.00€
- Europe                         7.00€
- Worldwide                   11.00€

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DVD Carmina Burana - La Fura dels Baus

Live recording of the international success of La Fura dels Baus.

This Carmina Burana’s Production by Carl Orff has become a classic on the international scene, presented all over Europe, Asia and America and has the honor of being the most performed show in the Fura dels Baus’ history. The Wheel of Fortune, represented by an eight meters diameter cylinder, overviews the stage where more than 60 artists including orchestra, chorus, singers and dancers will make us enjoy the powerful music of Carl Orff. A giant moon, the thaw, a floral ecstasy, a live harvest, the taverns, singers hanging from cranes and submerged in wine, water and fire... this is the Carmina Burana of La Fura dels Baus.

* Sending the DVD by postal mail imposes an extra cost.

- Spain                               3.00€
- Europe                            7.00€
- Worldwide                      11.00€

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